All of Colleen Chanel’s Cds begin with a personally developed concept. This concept arises from the artist’s deep connection to a message, theme or passion that she strongly desires to communicate globally. Initially, the recording artist sets a higher intention for the project as she opens her heart to silent thought, meditation and reflection. She begins privately, her creative process… a purposeful journey that fills Colleen’s soul with great joy, inspiration and gratitude. “I feel so divinely present and aligned while I am in this amazing process,” says Colleen Chanel, “I am fully alive.” The artist proceeds to intuitively journal random streams of words, ideas, phrases, poems and scenarios that will eventually be woven throughout the tapestry of her CD. She then expands the process to include long time business associate and producer Craig Brandwynne. They not only discuss the project together but sit at the piano to allow the inspired words, music and arrangements to emerge effortlessly. “At times,” Colleen Says, “Songs like Don’t Let The Dreamer Die, and most recently, I Raise My Hands, are almost complete within hours.” Craig, being the veteran songwriter that he is retreats to the silence of his solo creativity and continues to write the music & lyrics that will authentically showcase Colleen Chanel’s concept, beautiful voice and distinct signature style. The two talents keep in close communication and then meet back to shape and form each song at Center Sound Studios. Although all final decisions from beginning to end are solely the artist’s, Colleen has richly experienced a natural flow, ease, and profound respect while collaborating with such a treasured professional as Craig. “ Our collaboration has truly been a blessing and I hope the blending of our creative gifts will continue to uplift the hearts, minds and sprits of audiences around the world.”