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Colleen Chanel, The Illuminating Divine Song Oracle with Divinely Joy Filled Aligned Guidance, Messages and Magical Infinite Blessings /Miracles/Possibility with All Encompassing Vibrato Love, Healing & Empowerment.

Ms. Chanel shared her mystical gifts, personal musical channeled readings and much more.


It has been a great honor this past year to train Colleen Chanel in my specialized programs as a:
Certified Angel Messenger
Intuitive Global Summit Expert
Intuitive Author & Expert Speaker
She had a natural unique gift that I could see was also meant to help global souls in an extraordinary way. It was a an honor to assist and facilitate her dormant gifts.
Colleen’s beautiful blend of intuitive healing song and accurate aligned channeling with the angel realm will now serve to transform, uplift and inspire people worldwide.
I highly recommend her work!

Anne Deidre
Intuitive Author, Speaker, Coach